Mystery Island, Vanuatu

December 9, 2015. Inyeug Island is the official name for this South Pacific Island. It is the southernmost point of the Vanuatu archipelago and completely uninhabited.

Rumor has it that only spirits live here, although that’s not why they call it Mystery Island. Back in the 1980’s, a cruise liner began bringing guests ashore, introducing the first tourists to its immaculate stretch of white-sand beach. Yet it was always a mystery as to whether or not the lifeboats could cut through the surf and reach the shore. As more liners – with sturdier lifeboats – started adding the island to their itinerary, the name “Mystery Island” stuck.

We had to take tenders from the ship to the Island. The beaches are beautiful. Natives from other Islands came over and set up to sell their wares. The temperature was about 82 degrees and quite humid.

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