Sydney Opera House

December 4, 2015. On Friday, we walked around Sydney and strolled through Hide Park and the Botanical gardens and took the back way to the Opera House and Circular Quay. The Opera House was supposed to take 3 years and 7 million dollars to build, but ended up taking 16 years and 102 million dollars to build. There was an interesting story about the architect, Jørn Utzon and how they replaced him for with another company due to the overruns. Consequently the inside was designed by other architects. In the 1990’s they realized how valuable the building was and asked him to come back to assist with remodeling the interior. Although he declined coming back earlier, he later agreed and he and his son assisted in the interior remodel the last 10 years of his life. Jørn died in 2008. They did not allow pictures in any of the theaters.

You can click on any of the photo’s below to view slide show.

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